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A Few Last Minute Errands

We’ve been getting ready for this mission for months and talking about going for years. Its hard to believe it is almost here! Friday will be filled with last minute errands, cleaning the house and doing laundry so when I return, I’ll return to a little normalcy.

I’m packed!

I can honestly say I’ve never been packed to go anywhere four or five days before we were leaving.  But, I finished packing last night.  On Saturday, a team of eight people are heading to Liberia.  I’m excited and humbled to be on the team. I’m looking forward to being back in Africa. My last […]

God Continues to Call: Faithful Irritant? Chief Agitator?

Explore scripture. You’ll encounter many “characters” who lead the way, irritating their (attempting to be) God followers to the core.  Perhaps I’ve spent too much time with the prophets exploring my call and living out my calling today as an Ordained Elder.  Just yesterday, I told a staff member at the church I serve I […]

Why Your Pastor is on Facebook

…and I hope you will be, too. When I walked into homeroom on my first day of high school, I sat down at a lab table and started talking to the stranger next to me.  Today, we’re still great friends even though we don’t see one another very often.  We joke on the first day […]

Six Questions for the UMC #6qumc

One mission. Three simple rules. Four areas of focus. Five practices. Six questions for the United Methodist Church. So here are my six questions: How are you raising up the next generation of leaders? How are we supporting emerging ministries?  Not emergent church…emerging ministries.  Think Internet campus, social media, and beyond. How is the call […]

shine Your light, shine Your light

Tomorrow night we will gather with thousands of people to celebrate the birth of the Christ child.  We’ll meet in sanctuaries and auditoriums, sacred and secular places, to join together in sharing again the story of the Christ child.  The story doesn’t change.  We do.  We find ourselves in different places than we did a […]

what would it be like

Today I was asked, “what would it be like to hold the infant Jesus in your arms?  what would you say?” What would I say? Wow, what would I say? I told them I tell him a story, a story of other infants I’ve cradled in the crook of my arm and looked down in […]

Blue Signs in a Purple World

Regardless of which blue sign you favor in the upcoming election, the freedom we have in America is truly amazing.  Today I found myself standing in the midst of a crowd participating in the process.  Although the church I serve will never know which blue sign I favor in this presidential election, we can’t escape […]

i am awake

“i am awake” i am awake to the cry of the city i am awake to the needs of the poor i am awake to the call of God i am awake to the possibilities for transformation i am awake to the work of the Spirit i am awake to the joy of serving i […]