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Your Why Matters

There are no words I can write to check in on you that feel sufficient right now. “How are you?” as a friend often asks, feels as if I’m borrowing a phrase. But, that’s all I know to ask. How are you?  Once again, the events in our world reminded me of the crucial role […]

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Braving the Holidays with Generosity – Part 7/7

We’ve arrived at the end of the Braving the Holidays series with five days to spare before the new year. Hint: There’s still an opportunity to practice! The G in braving stands for generosity.  No, this is NOT about last-minute donations to not-for-profit organizations, although those are good things too. Nor is this about evaluating […]

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Braving the Holidays with Non-Judgment

When you’re looking for the perfect gift, it often comes down to what people want and or need. By the time you’re reading this, I hope the presents have already been shared, the wrapping paper is cleaned up, and you’re enjoying the simple gift of enjoying gifts. What is Non-Judgment? It’s about listening. Specifically, listening […]

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Braving the Holidays with Integrity – Part 5

In two days we’ll celebrate Christmas. Whether you’re gathering with family or celebrating with your immediate household, the fifth part of braving the holidays is essential to building and maintaining trust.  The “I” in braving stands for integrity. Integrity is all about doing what you say you will do. But, it’s also not as simple […]

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Braving the Holidays with Boundaries

This is the first in a seven part series on trust in the midst of uncertainty. As I write this, I am keenly aware of at least three things in our world. First, this weekend, our clocks turn back an hour. All I can think is, “This is a perfect year to stop this nonsense. […]

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5 Observations About Christian Leaders and their CliftonStrengths

Over the course of the past six weeks, I’ve had the privilege of extended conversations with eight leaders about their CliftonStrengths and how they’re coming to life in leadership.  What a gift! These leaders are living their strengths in life-giving ways.  The conversations are for a podcast I co-host and produce called LeaderCast. As I […]