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Perspective from Liberia

From the US Embassy to the coastal town of Westpoint, today was, once again, a day of contrast. The picture below is taken from the third floor of a new school in Westpoint, a costal community where homes are simple structures. You are looking at the rooftops of many, many homes. There is no running […]

Blessings and Burdens from the children of Liberia

Contrast the best school in the country with one serving children who are orphans and you enter into the contrast of our day. Children speak truths and ask questions in ways that break my heart for God and bringing me joy all at the same time. The morning at JJ Roberts School we witnessed children […]

Thursday from Liberia

Today we made the long trip (130 miles in about 5 hours) from Ganta back to Monrovia. Before we did, we participated for the second morning in the chapel service at the hospital. The spirit was moving in chapel. On the chalkboard was the morning worship order, a French Doctor took the role of guest […]

It’s wednesday

For all the times I’ve served on mission experiences beyond my home city, Wednesday seems to be the day that tilts the whole week in a particular direction. Today was no exception. As we unpacked the eight large suitcases of medical supplies (sutures, medication, gauze pads, surgical gloves, masks, gowns) the chief medical officer for […]

Quite a day!

Blowing bubbles, playing Mario Cart-Liberia edition (live) and visiting the hospital in Ganta; just a couple highlights from the day. Only one of those sound like someone who just had a “0” birthday. It’s been quite a day. Our ride from Monrovia (130 miles) took us about 6 hours. We stopped twice. We were thankful […]

A box, a light, and a birthday wish

I thought I could escape to Africa and not have anyone notice today is my birthday. Well, my parents and the staff at church had a different idea. This is a birthday ending in “0.” Yes, you guessed it I am turning 20 (again). Last Wednesday as I returned from lunch I entered the church […]

Day 1

After a wonderful night’s rest last night and a great day today, my body is telling me it is somewhere between California and Monrovia, Liberia. It’s almost 3:00 am and I’m wide awake laying in bed reflecting the wonderful people we met today and the way the church is present in Liberia. The battery on […]

We’re heading to Liberia

  Tonight I’m heading to Liberia with a team of eight people.  We will spend time with people in Monrovia and Ganta.  Most importantly, we’re going to explore how we can partner with the hospital in Ganta, Liberia. The country is still rebuilding after a fourteen year civil war.  In 2003, the rebels forced the […]