7 Ways to Live on Mission

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Dangerous Promises

Michael Frost notes the following Dangerous Promises in his book, Exiles:We will be authentic (we won't be shiny happy people) We will serve a cause greater than ourselves We will create missional community We will be generous and practice…

Words & Action

By the time you get to the end of a semester, or dissertation, you've read and written a lot of words. The final ninety words of my dissertation (35,062 in total...who's counting, right?) struck me as a simple reminder for all who seek to lead…

Dear Winter, You Win. Six Reminders For Leading Through Storms

This winter, my first in the south, has been different. Southern cities are not equipped to deal with the amount or frequency of snow and ice this winter has brought our way. If you live in the north, or have lived in the north, allow me to…