Get in the Driver's Seat with Command Sara Thomas
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Get in the Driver’s Seat with Command

Put yourself in the parking lot at work. Your team is preparing to head out on a road trip. At the last minute, one person can't go. Another person is having car trouble. And a third person isn't there and it's time to leave.You're looking…
arranger sara thomas
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Arranger Thrives in the Midst of Change

What do you organize? Food, plans, people? Unicorns? ....Ok, maybe you don’t organize unicorns.Are you flexible and collaborative? Do you take a changeable approach to accomplishing a task? Highlighting the Arranger Talent Do you…
dont stuck one finish line sara thomas
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Don’t Get Stuck with Just One Finish Line

Instead, create defining moments.Before I explain defining moments, can we check-in about your year? It's the middle of March. I'm wondering if you started the new year with resolutions or goals to achieve more, do more, save more, or lose…
leaders deepen relationships sara thomas
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One Surprising Way Leaders Can Deepen Relationships Today

You've probably experienced a ropes course at some point in your life. You know that forced bonding experience where you spend more time trying to figure out "What can I possibly be learning from this contrived activity?" For many, it is a day…
tripping over the truth transforming mission
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What Everyone Needs to Know About Tripping Over the Truth

Why is change so hard for leaders to implement?We do a lot of telling instead of tripping over the truth. What do I mean?Tripping over the truth is one type of moment of insight that "delivers realizations and transformations in people's…
purpose trumps passion sara thomas
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Why Purpose Trumps Passion Every Time

Much has been written about our pursuing life with purpose. But what about our passions? You've likely heard the advice, "Pursue your passion." Turns out, that's terrible advice.Instead, cultivate your purpose.If your head is exploding at…
why i love coaching communication talent sara thomas
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Five Reasons I Love Coaching People with the Communication Talent

...and a few confessions. I think of talents like superpowers. They are unique to you. Talents also are a natural part of who you are. You have superpowers to uncover, too. Let's see what we both can learn from someone strong in the Communication…
awaken your calling sara thomas
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Awaken Your Calling

If I've learned anything about what it means to awaken your calling, its that I'm still learning. This will come as no surprise as you read on.Before we jump in, here's how I define calling: Your calling is where your talents and your passion…
Every Year About This Time
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Every Year About This Time

Off to School It's an annual ritual that some parents love and other parents loathe. Every year about this time parents send their first child off to college. Many more parents will participate in this ritual as a parent of a preschooler or…
Courageous Goals Sara Thomas
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Clarify your courageous goals

What do you want? Really.What do you want? Making a difference in the lives of people you love, causes you believe in, and organizations you support is worth the effort. It takes focus, courage, and energy to achieve your goals.So…