difference makers are action takers
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Difference Makers are Action Takers

Hey Monday, you don't stand a chance.Or... Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Saturday and Sunday, we're not letting you off the hook either.No day will stand in your way if you are a difference maker.Difference makers are…
sara thomas coach
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Relationship Building Talents Can Foster Trust

Are you familiar with your CliftonStrengths (formerly, StrengthsFinder)? Great! Hold your dominant talents in mind as we dive into the relationship building talent themes.If you're new to strengths, grab this guide to begin the journey of…
compassion sara thomas cliftonstrengths
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Compassion: The Gift of Showing You Care

Early in ministry, one of the youth, for whom I was responsible, was in remission from Leukemia. He went with us on a long weekend trip.But then, tragedy hit.While we were away, he died. Yes, on the trip.His father was with us,…
trust & the executing talent themes sara thomas cliftonStrengths
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Trust and the Executing Talent Themes

Have you ever considered that different people may approach building trust in different ways? Here are the nine we'll explore in this post over the coming days. If you want a jump-start strengths-based development, go ahead and get your guide.As…
Need of followers is trust
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"Trust is the most cherished and valuable commodity in a work environment" -Brad Anderson, former CEO, Best BuyI don't know about you, but when I get on an airplane, I trust the pilot and co-pilot are going to get me safely to our intended…
why do people follow sara thomas leadership coach
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Why Do People Follow?

An Average Person's View on Leadership So, why DO people follow certain leaders and not others?If you think it has to do with vision, purpose, humor, or humility, sorry, those aren't the reasons.Let's try again.For ordinary people,…
dont stuck one finish line sara thomas
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Don’t Get Stuck with Just One Finish Line

Instead, create defining moments.Before I explain defining moments, can we check-in about your year? It's the middle of March. I'm wondering if you started the new year with resolutions or goals to achieve more, do more, save more, or lose…
leaders deepen relationships sara thomas
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One Surprising Way Leaders Can Deepen Relationships Today

You've probably experienced a ropes course at some point in your life. You know that forced bonding experience where you spend more time trying to figure out "What can I possibly be learning from this contrived activity?" For many, it is a day…
tripping over the truth transforming mission
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What Everyone Needs to Know About Tripping Over the Truth

Why is change so hard for leaders to implement?We do a lot of telling instead of tripping over the truth. What do I mean?Tripping over the truth is one type of moment of insight that "delivers realizations and transformations in people's…
purpose trumps passion sara thomas
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Why Purpose Trumps Passion Every Time

Much has been written about our pursuing life with purpose. But what about our passions? You've likely heard the advice, "Pursue your passion." Turns out, that's terrible advice.Instead, cultivate your purpose.If your head is exploding…