Awaken Change Sara Thomas
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No One Likes to Awaken Change

No one likes change. And certainly, no one likes to awaken change. If you do, you're probably not telling the truth about the motivations behind the change.We have routines, habits, and expectations. Some of these routines, habits, and…
digital babylon sara thomas
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Digital Babylon – Part Three

 I've shared stories and statistics about Gen Z in Part 1 and Part 2. The question that now emerges is, how can we respond? What follows are five broad suggestions for engaging Gen Z. Because we are living in Digital Babylon, don't be surprised…
Digital Babylon Sara Thomas
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Digital Babylon – Part One

“What is happening in Qatar right now?” I ask.“Google it,” she says.Within seconds, a full page of information, ideas, and insights explode on to the scene. Making sense of the information is a whole different matter.I asked…
awaken faithfulness sara thomas

Awaken Faithfulness

What did you do today? If your day is just beginning, what's on your calendar for today?Guess what? Whatever consumed your day - there is an opportunity to be faithful right in front of you.In each of our interactions and commitments,…
awaken wisdom sara thomas
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Awaken Wisdom

Oh boy! Who am I to write about wisdom? Really, who are any of us? Maybe that's why the focus is on what it means to awaken wisdom. Afterall, we're still in the process of becoming who God wants us to be, right?Confession, Questions,…
awaken your calling sara thomas
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Awaken Your Calling

If I've learned anything about what it means to awaken your calling, its that I'm still learning. This will come as no surprise as you read on.Before we jump in, here's how I define calling: Your calling is where your talents and your…
Sara Thomas You Are My Beloved
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You Are My Beloved

A Conversation with the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 1 Late Sunday night (early Monday morning) I woke up from a sound sleep to the thought, "Something is wrong. Really wrong." You know that heart racing, sit up in bed, startled from a sound sleep…
Quick or Slow to Speak Sara B. Thomas

Serious Question: Are you Quick or Slow to Speak?

Social Media Rant or Slow Responses? Late one night this weekend I noticed a post on social media that simply read, "What happened in Charlottesville should be easy to talk about. If you find yourself struggling to address it publically or…
Sara Thomas Blog
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Every Year About This Time

Off to School It's an annual ritual that some parents love and other parents loathe. Every year about this time parents send their first child off to college. Many more parents will participate in this ritual as a parent of a preschooler or…
Courageous Goals Sara Thomas
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Clarify your courageous goals

What do you want? Really.What do you want? Making a difference in the lives of people you love, causes you believe in, and organizations you support is worth the effort. It takes focus, courage, and energy to achieve your goals.So…