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Want to Stick with Your 2019 Goals? Part 3

Choose Hope. Part 3 [scriptless heading= ""] Read part 1  Read Part 2A Garbage Truck Moment Sometimes a coach is able to coach herself. This is one of those moments. It starts with a confession. Confession: I gave very little effort…
Choose Hope Sara Thomas Coach
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Want to Stick with Your 2019 Goals? Part 2

Choose Hope. Part 2 [scriptless heading=""] Read part 1The Hope Cycle Why is a coach talking about hope? Because hope is an endless cycle that moves you toward your goals. Hope is about choosing to connect your head and heart to create…
Choose Hope Sara Thomas Coach
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Want to Stick with Your 2019 Goals? Choose Hope.

[scriptless heading=""] As the year came to a close, I found myself in my normal routine: looking back to look ahead. I set goals every year.  Noone tells me I have to, it's just who I am. My goals are my way of continuing to grow. And here's…
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The Challenge of Application

A couple weeks ago, I was participating in a webcast. When the official part of the webcast was over, the hosts went into a post-show. A discussion unfolded about coaching. The discussion quickly turned to the weekly theme challenge. The hosts…
difference makers are action takers
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Difference Makers are Action Takers

Hey Monday, you don't stand a chance.Or... Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Saturday and Sunday, we're not letting you off the hook either.No day will stand in your way if you are a difference maker.Difference makers are…
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The Retrospective Power of Context

Let's take a walk down memory lane and explore the retrospective power of CONTEXT.It's time to look back.We all do it.Probably every day.You get in a car and use a rearview mirror to see what is behind you.Individuals strong…
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Building Trust with Analytical

Are you one of 19 million?If you said, "No, I'm one in a million!" I want to give you a virtual high-five.Yes, you ARE one in a million!I asked if you were 1 in 19 million because over 19 million, yes MILLION, people have taken the…
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Relationship Building Talents Can Foster Trust

Are you familiar with your CliftonStrengths (formerly, StrengthsFinder)? Great! Hold your dominant talents in mind as we dive into the relationship building talent themes.If you're new to strengths, grab this guide to begin the journey of…
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Compassion: The Gift of Showing You Care

Early in ministry, one of the youth, for whom I was responsible, was in remission from Leukemia. He went with us on a long weekend trip.But then, tragedy hit.While we were away, he died. Yes, on the trip.His father was with us,…
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Trust and the Executing Talent Themes

Have you ever considered that different people may approach building trust in different ways? Here are the nine we'll explore in this post over the coming days. If you want a jump-start strengths-based development, go ahead and get your guide.As…