Need of followers is trust
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"Trust is the most cherished and valuable commodity in a work environment" -Brad Anderson, former CEO, Best BuyI don't know about you, but when I get on an airplane, I trust the pilot and co-pilot are going to get me safely to our intended…
Communication Sara Thomas
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Bring Attention and Focus to Your Message with the Communication Talent

The Communication talent brings attention to important messages.How? Here's how Gallup describes this talent:People exceptionally talented in the COMMUNICATION theme generally find it easy to put their thoughts into words. They are good…
Get in the Driver's Seat with Command Sara Thomas
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Get in the Driver’s Seat with Command

Put yourself in the parking lot at work. Your team is preparing to head out on a road trip. At the last minute, one person can't go. Another person is having car trouble. And a third person isn't there and it's time to leave.You're looking…
uncompromising core values sara thomas

The Uncompromising Core Values of Belief

What are your uncompromising core values?That’s a big question, isn’t it?It’s a question that doesn't seem so big for someone with the BELIEF talent. That's part of the genius of the BELIEF talent. If you want to know more…
arranger sara thomas
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Arranger Thrives in the Midst of Change

What do you organize? Food, plans, people? Unicorns? ....Ok, maybe you don’t organize unicorns.Are you flexible and collaborative? Do you take a changeable approach to accomplishing a task? Highlighting the Arranger Talent Do you…
leaders deepen relationships sara thomas
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One Surprising Way Leaders Can Deepen Relationships Today

You've probably experienced a ropes course at some point in your life. You know that forced bonding experience where you spend more time trying to figure out "What can I possibly be learning from this contrived activity?" For many, it is a day…
why i love coaching communication talent sara thomas
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Five Reasons I Love Coaching People with the Communication Talent

...and a few confessions. I think of talents like superpowers. They are unique to you. Talents also are a natural part of who you are. You have superpowers to uncover, too. Let's see what we both can learn from someone strong in the Communication…
Quick or Slow to Speak Sara B. Thomas

Serious Question: Are you Quick or Slow to Speak?

Social Media Rant or Slow Responses? Late one night this weekend I noticed a post on social media that simply read, "What happened in Charlottesville should be easy to talk about. If you find yourself struggling to address it publically or…
Every Year About This Time
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Every Year About This Time

Off to School It's an annual ritual that some parents love and other parents loathe. Every year about this time parents send their first child off to college. Many more parents will participate in this ritual as a parent of a preschooler or…
Femal Smiling Innate Talents
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Claim Your Innate Talents

Your Talents x Investment = Strength There is only one you. Your talents make you, YOU!Whether you are frightened or thrilled by the above statement does not matter. Claim who you are and who you are created to be. Claim the good, the…