Get in the Driver's Seat with Command Sara Thomas
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Get in the Driver’s Seat with Command

Put yourself in the parking lot at work. Your team is preparing to head out on a road trip. At the last minute, one person can't go. Another person is having car trouble. And a third person isn't there and it's time to leave.You're looking…
uncompromising core values sara thomas

The Uncompromising Core Values of Belief

What are your uncompromising core values?That’s a big question, isn’t it?It’s a question that doesn't seem so big for someone with the BELIEF talent. That's part of the genius of the BELIEF talent. If you want to know more about…
arranger sara thomas
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Arranger Thrives in the Midst of Change

What do you organize? Food, plans, people? Unicorns? ....Ok, maybe you don’t organize unicorns.Are you flexible and collaborative? Do you take a changeable approach to accomplishing a task? Highlighting the Arranger Talent Do you…
why i love coaching communication talent sara thomas
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Five Reasons I Love Coaching People with the Communication Talent

...and a few confessions. I think of talents like superpowers. They are unique to you. Talents also are a natural part of who you are. You have superpowers to uncover, too. Let's see what we both can learn from someone strong in the Communication…
awaken your calling sara thomas
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Awaken Your Calling

If I've learned anything about what it means to awaken your calling, its that I'm still learning. This will come as no surprise as you read on.Before we jump in, here's how I define calling: Your calling is where your talents and your…
Femal Smiling Innate Talents
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Claim Your Innate Talents

Your Talents x Investment = Strength There is only one you. Your talents make you, YOU!Whether you are frightened or thrilled by the above statement does not matter. Claim who you are and who you are created to be. Claim the good, the…
Strengths & engagement
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Strengths and Engagement

Startling Statistics The statistics on employee engagement are startling. Just over 30% of US workers say they are engaged in their work. Taken globally, this statistic drops to 13%.* What could be going on and why does it matter?Employee…
strategic & achiever

Strengths Pairs: Strategic & Achiever

When strengths come out to play, it can either be a party or a wake. I may have created both in the same moment. Whatever it was I learned something about who I am in the process.We were each given a piece of paper. On the page was a grid.…


 I am not willing to let a day go by without getting something done. Yes, that's the "achiever" in me speaking. I call it being productive. Every day starts with zero. When I accomplish something it gets checked off my list (and if…