why do people follow sara thomas leadership coach
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Why Do People Follow?

An Average Person's View on Leadership So, why DO people follow certain leaders and not others?If you think it has to do with vision, purpose, humor, or humility, sorry, those aren't the reasons.Let's try again.For ordinary people,…
why i love coaching communication talent sara thomas
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Five Reasons I Love Coaching People with the Communication Talent

...and a few confessions. I think of talents like superpowers. They are unique to you. Talents also are a natural part of who you are. You have superpowers to uncover, too. Let's see what we both can learn from someone strong in the Communication…
Strengths & engagement
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Strengths and Engagement

Startling Statistics The statistics on employee engagement are startling. Just over 30% of US workers say they are engaged in their work. Taken globally, this statistic drops to 13%.* What could be going on and why does it matter?Employee…