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Braving the Holidays with Accountability

This is part 3 in a 7 part series on Braving the Holidays. Read Part 1 and Part 2.The A in Braving is for Accountability. Before you call me the Grinch, let's consider the importance of Accountability in "BRAVING the Holidays." As…
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Braving the Holidays with Reliability

Part 2 of a 7 part series on trust in the midst of uncertainty.Read Part 1 hereAmazon Prime promises two-day delivery. When my package doesn’t arrive on time, how do you think I feel? Usually, I’m frustrated. When…
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Braving the Holidays with Boundaries

This is the first in a seven part series on trust in the midst of uncertainty.As I write this, I am keenly aware of at least three things in our world. First, this weekend, our clocks turn back an hour. All I can think is, "This is a perfect…

Do You Talk To Yourself the Way You Talk to Someone You Love?

Do you talk to yourself the way you talk to someone you love?Here’s why I ask…Over a year ago, I found a company named Let’s Make Art. They teach watercolor and art journaling to adults and also have a kid’s program.While…
5 Observations about CliftonStrengths
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5 Observations About Christian Leaders and their CliftonStrengths

Over the course of the past six weeks, I’ve had the privilege of extended conversations with eight leaders about their CliftonStrengths and how they’re coming to life in leadership. What a gift!These leaders are living their…

If You Think it and Feel It, Act On It

“If you think it and feel it, act on it.”Is that reckless or compassionate?Before you answer, let me ask you a few more questions.Are you now working from home? Are your kids home from school? Have your events been canceled? …
A Call to Ordinary Courage - Sara Thomas
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A Call to Ordinary Courage

I ran to the store early Sunday morning after hearing the news of another mass shooting in our country. This time, it hit too close to home. This time, the ache too deep for words. This time, I wondered in anxious concern whether the names…
What Are You Great At?
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What Are You Great At?

There is a growing list of people that come to mind when I hear the word transition. It seems to be open season for "life and job transitions" right now. Whether it’s accepting their first, full-time position or retirement (or somewhere in…
TGIF July 2019 Sara Thomas
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July 26, 2019 TGIF is a weekly practice where I ask myself four questions and invite you to do the same. Here are four questions that accompany TGIF:T: What am I trusting?G: For whom or what am I grateful?I: Whom or what is inspiring…
Achiever CliftonStrengths Formerly Strengths Finder 2.0 Sara Thomas, Coach
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Three Leadership Contributions of the Achiever Talent

"Every day starts at zero."If you just said, "Well, of course, it does," you may be in the company of the Achiever talent. This talent is all about completion.Let's explore how the collection of talents in the Achiever theme makes contributions…