What Are You Great At?
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What Are You Great At?

There is a growing list of people that come to mind when I hear the word transition. It seems to be open season for "life and job transitions" right now. Whether it’s accepting their first, full-time position or retirement (or somewhere in…
why do people follow sara thomas leadership coach
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Why Do People Follow?

An Average Person's View on Leadership So, why DO people follow certain leaders and not others?If you think it has to do with vision, purpose, humor, or humility, sorry, those aren't the reasons.Let's try again.For ordinary people,…

Dear Winter, You Win. Six Reminders For Leading Through Storms

This winter, my first in the south, has been different. Southern cities are not equipped to deal with the amount or frequency of snow and ice this winter has brought our way. If you live in the north, or have lived in the north, allow me to…