Review-The Secret Sauce How to Create a Winning Culture

How to Create a Winning Culture?

A Review of The Secret Sauce: How to Create a Winning Culture by Kevin Ford and James P. Osterhaus.

Is culture about a work environment? People? Internal dynamics? Systems and protocols? The Secret Sauce by Ford and Osterhaus present an engaging read for leaders of any industry to create a winning culture. If you’re looking to change, improve, or understand the culture of your workplace, this book can serve as a guide. Ford and Osterhaus will help you explore the essential elements to “the secret sauce” in your workplace.

Their significant experience and research with for-profit, government, and social sector businesses set the stage for a thoughtful read.

In a time when “culture eats strategy for breakfast” (Peter Drucker), Ford and Osterhaus present a way forward for anyone seeking to develop a positive culture. More than just positive, Ford and Osterhaus set out to invite readers to become leaders who shape a winning culture.

A parable of a restaurant owner who encounters his own challenges sets the stage for the exploration of winning at work and succeeding in life. They then turn to a straight-forward, no-nonsense presentation of the elements of  what they call “the secret sauce.” Over and over again, they remind readers of important elements to keep you turning the pages of the book.

Yes, this book keeps you turning pages…so that’s where I’m heading…to finish reading the book!

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