A Call to Ordinary Courage - Sara Thomas
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A Call to Ordinary Courage

I ran to the store early Sunday morning after hearing the news of another mass shooting in our country. This time, it hit too close to home. This time, the ache too deep for words. This time, I wondered in anxious concern whether the names…

Describe the city in ONE word.

Yes, just one. How would you describe the city, your city, in one word?Ready? Go.

shine Your light, shine Your light

Tomorrow night we will gather with thousands of people to celebrate the birth of the Christ child.  We'll meet in sanctuaries and auditoriums, sacred and secular places, to join together in sharing again the story of the Christ child.  The…

what would it be like

Today I was asked, "what would it be like to hold the infant Jesus in your arms?  what would you say?"What would I say?Wow, what would I say?I told them I tell him a story, a story of other infants I've cradled in the crook of my arm…