have you heard of beginue?

begin-ue (v.):  to begin and continue

I learned a new word last night:  beginue.  Meaning:  to begin and continue.   Perhaps it sounds funny, but, it is speaking to me right now.  I’m beginning again.  I’m off to a new church on July 1. So I am beginning.  But, I am also continuing in ministry, continuing in the conference, continuing in the same district.  Some things don’t change.  New people, new experiences, beginue.  I kind of like the sound of it.  It helps me remember the new things on the horizon, but, at the same time there are things that will continue.  Perhaps one day beginue will actually find its way into a dictionary…my spellcheck isn’t liking the word right now. I’m off to live in the land of beginue.  May it bring as much joy as the past seven years.