Take Your Temperature

It is flu season.  In the dead of winter the thermometer seems to get used more frequently.   The likelihood someone will get sick is pretty high.   It seems to be a fact of nature.  Even for those of us who had a flu shot.  Our body’s natural defenses sometimes get worn down.  The same thing can happen to us emotionally and spiritually.  When our body, mind or spirit is our of balance, our temperature goes to extremes. We have an easier time dealing with our physical illness than we often do with the state of our soul.  One of Wesley’s reoccuring questions during the class meeting was “How is it with your soul?”  What a great question.  So, “How is it with your soul?”

Take a minute to really think about that question:  “How is it with your soul?”

When I did earlier this week on a retreat, my soul temperature was at room temperature…ready for whatever might come at me, standing in a comfortable place ready to respond to the promptings of the Spirit.   Admittedly, I am peacefully distracted right now.  My emotional temperature, however, was in a deep freeze.  The weather and travel to the retreat that was supposed to be meaningful left me feeling icy.  Simply asking the question, “how is it with your soul?” allowed it to melt away the unsettledness I felt inside.  The distractions of the past three weeks began to fade away and I found the rhythm I needed for the two days away…being with old friends, connecting with new ones, and looking forward to what was ahead.

Our soul temperature, our body temperature, and our emotional temperature are all indicators of the state of well being.   We need to look at all three.  Will you stop and take your temperature?   Answer for yourself, “how is it with your soul?”  Don’t stop there.  We’re created with emotions and body, too.  When our spirit is in the comfort zone it is much easier to handle whatever peaks or valleys happen in our emotional and physical temperature.  Being well is about thermoregulation…keeping your body, mind and spirit within certain boundaries. Being well is God’s homeostatic design…maintaining an internal temperature when the exteranl temperatures continue to change.

Get the thermometer.  It’s time to take your temperature.