“Every day starts at zero.”

If you just said, “Well, of course, it does,” you may be in the company of the Achiever talent. This talent is all about completion.

Let’s explore how the collection of talents in the Achiever theme makes contributions as a leader.

First, we’ll look at how the Achiever talent may contribute to new initiatives. I’m speaking to all of you with an entrepreneurial thread in your soul! Then, we’ll look at how the Achiever talent participates in a team. Finally, I’ll compare and contrast what the Achiever talent may sound like alongside other talents in the Executing Domain and one in the Influencing Domain.

Achiever CliftonStrength (formerly StrengthsFinder) says, Work Hard. Sara Thomas, coach, helps you learn how.

Starting Something New?

I see you.

You have an entrepreneurial spirit. You start new things or bring a new approach to an old problem. How can the Achiever talent help you lead?

When I’m around entrepreneurs or listen to solopreneurs, there is a myriad of ideas around you at all times. Sometimes you’re improving other people’s ideas. Sometimes you have a stroke of genius. (No, I’m not saying you’re only a genius some of the time.  I KNOW you have talent! That makes you a genius.)

With an idea of a new way to approach a problem, a new ministry to begin with your community, or a new business idea to test out, how can the Achiever talent help you?

Discover Your CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) Sara ThomasProgress Toward Completion

The Achiever talent is all about making progress toward completion. Use this talent to define a testing period, to run an experiment, to chart a certain number of conversations. The Achiever talent can help you get things done.

“How?” you ask. Great question.

Your talents, i.e., CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder), tell you how you get things done. Knowing your dominant talents from the CliftonStrengths tool is not about what you like to do or even why you do it. Your themes tell you HOW you naturally think, feel, and behave. In other words, it points to your raw talent.

When we talk about strengths we caution that the talent them names (Achiever, Activator, Strategic, Deliberative, etc.) are not labels because your talents are how you do things, not what you do.

How does the Achiever talent get things done?

As an executing talent, this theme brings a great deal of energy to their work. People with this talent likely enjoy the idea of work. Whether you define work as getting something done around the house or getting a project finished at work. You enjoy it because you like finishing things.

Think about this theme as focused on completion. Often, a checklist is used to depict this talent. And whether you’re a list-maker or not, if you have this talent, it’s likely you approach life and work focused on accomplishments.

Achiever Talent | Learn more about CliftonStrengths, formerly StrengthsFinder 2.0 with Sara Thomas, coach

Achiever On a Team

A variety of talents that make up the Achiever talent theme all point to getting things done. Your motivation is the finish line.