TGIF Sara Thomas

TGIF is a weekly practice where I ask myself four questions and invite you to do the same. Here are four questions that accompany TGIF:

T: What am I trusting?

G: For whom or what am I grateful?

I: Whom or what is inspiring me?

F: How am I practicing faith?

The journey of TGIF

At the beginning of the year, these four questions became my weekly check-in as a leader. I started the year posting on social media and here on the blog. To be honest, I shared my reflections to get myself into a routine.

As Friday comes and goes every seven days, I continue to answer the questions. On occasion, I post here and on social media. I’m not sure the “right” number of times I should share this personal discipline with you. So, I post when I think there’s something you, as a leader, may benefit from hearing. This is one of those weeks.

I am sure of this: the practice of answering these four questions helps me reflect and look forward. In short, it helps me integrate my thinking, feelings, and behaviors. As I prepared for and had the opportunity to study with Brené Brown to facilitate Dare to Lead, this practice became even more important.

Knowing integration is the center of wholehearted leadership, these four simple questions give me a reason to pause, celebrate, and give thanks. Additionally, it gives me an opportunity to share with you a lesson from life and leadership.

TGIF Watermelon Sara Thomas


Who or what am I trusting?

Sarah Cray and Nicole Miyuki of Let’s Make Art. I’ll share more about this creative team and their business in the coming weeks.

Why am I trusting them? They’re helping me practice putting down my “go-to” armor that gets in my way of practicing wholehearted leadership. “What’s the armor,” you ask? Perfectionism. How are they doing this? Just take a look at that watermelon I painted! There’s a first. I painted. That’s a two-word sentence I never thought I’d say, let alone write.


For whom or what am I grateful?


Celebrating Baby Z’s first birthday and getting to see the whole family. Pure joy!

Baby Z Sara Thomas

Did you get a Mercedes for your first birthday? Me either. Oh well. #lifegoals


Who or what is inspiring me?

C’mon if you don’t say the US Women’s Soccer team, let me check your heart rate. What a team! What talent! What a celebration! Congratulations @uswnt!


How am I practicing faith?

I’ve spent the week writing and preparing info for workshops for pastors and local church leaders. Faithfulness for me this week has involved seeing the leadership gap and seeking to help resource potential leaders to step into wholehearted leadership.

How about you? What’s your TGIF? Want a little extra help? Grab the TGIF Worksheets.