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Your Why Matters

There are no words I can write to check in on you that feel sufficient right now. “How are you?” as a friend often asks, feels as if I’m borrowing a phrase.But, that’s all I know to ask.How are you? Once again, the…
You want to be courageous, but fear holds you back. Explore how the 34 CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) can help you slay fear by rumbling with vulnerability. #courage #vulnerability #cliftonstrengths #strengthsfinder #rumble Sara Thomas
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Slaying Fear with Strengths:

34 Ways You Can Rumble with Vulnerability so you can Lead with Courage Over the past two weeks, I've listened to countless people talk about courage. While at a conference, I listened to deeply personal stories of women leading with courage.…
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Building Trust with Analytical

Are you one of 19 million?If you said, "No, I'm one in a million!" I want to give you a virtual high-five.Yes, you ARE one in a million!I asked if you were 1 in 19 million because over 19 million, yes MILLION, people have taken the…
Digital Babylon Sara Thomas
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Digital Babylon – Part One

“What is happening in Qatar right now?” I ask.“Google it,” she says.Within seconds, a full page of information, ideas, and insights explode on to the scene. Making sense of the information is a whole different matter.I asked a…
Sara Thomas You Are My Beloved
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You Are My Beloved

A Conversation with the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 1 Late Sunday night (early Monday morning) I woke up from a sound sleep to the thought, "Something is wrong. Really wrong." You know that heart racing, sit up in bed, startled from a sound sleep…
Sara Thomas You Are My Beloved

Five Roadblocks

Five Roadblocks Stopping You from Becoming a Difference MakerLacking awareness of your innate talents Falling short of investing in developing the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that come naturally to you. Failing to consistently…
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Why coaching?

As you already know, life and work are nothing short of an unfolding adventure. Some days the adventure may feel like:riding a roller coaster racing in the Indy 500 taking a walk in the park drowning in information overload.Other…
Sara Thomas You Are My Beloved

7 Ways to Live on Mission

Here's your copy of "7 Ways to Live on Mission"