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Bring Attention and Focus to Your Message with the Communication Talent

Communication Sara Thomas

The Communication talent brings attention to important messages.

How? Here’s how Gallup describes this talent:

People exceptionally talented in the COMMUNICATION theme generally find it easy to put their thoughts into words. They are good conversationalists and presenters.


The COMMUNICATION talent has a superpower. Guess what, so do you. Your superpowers may be different. But, you have them. People with the COMMUNICATION talkent bring a natural ability to use words to create connections – with people and ideas.

Their ease with words makes them great presenters and storytellers. I’ve written before about coaching people with the Communication talent. They truly are a joy. Because the words come easily to them, they challenge me as a coach to ask thought-provoking questions.

Here are a few other defining characteristics of the Communication talent.

Communication in Action

A couple of people I know who bring this talent to life are pastors. Their preaching is engaging. Their care for people is evident.

Their need for others to hear the message comes from a place of humble service. And they know that their words have power.

Wow. It’s a joy to listen to them preach. Because it’s not preachy. They connect the gospel to the people who are listening and invite them on a journey.

Their message carries with me throughout the week. They bring attention and focus to important messages.

I’ve also thought some people I know have this talent as one of their dominant themes, and I’ve been wrong. Why does that matter? No, not because I admitted I was wrong. 🙂 Because other talents can come together to make it easy for you to put words to your ideas.

For example, someone I know with Futuristic and Self-Assurance in their top five brings clarity and focus through their leadership. With confidence in their ideas, they paint a picture with words of what can be and where we are heading.

I, on the other hand, have to moderate my Maximizer talent. I’m always looking for the BEST word. While words can flow easily, I take great care in making sure the right, the best, the most meaningful words are used. No wonder preparing to preach every week nearly exhausted me when I did it!

Looking back on this time, I wish I would have had a coach say to me, what does the message need to achieve or how does this message play into your ultimate goals? These questions would have forced me to intentionally use other talents to manage my Maximizer talent that was in overdrive.

Next Steps

Wondering how YOU can bring focus and clarity to your message?

Embrace your superpowers, aka CliftonStrengths. Begin by exploring your Superpowers.

Then, identify your CliftonStrengths. When you know your top five talent themes, you’ll be better able to invest in intentionally using your talents to build relationships, influence people, think strategically, and get things done. You’ll also be able to name how you go about bringing focus and clarity to a message.