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Difference Makers are Action Takers

difference makers are action takers

Hey Monday, you don’t stand a chance.

Or… Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Saturday and Sunday, we’re not letting you off the hook either.

No day will stand in your way if you are a difference maker.

Difference makers are action takers. But, there’s one thing that sets difference makers apart. They know “being” precedes “doing.”

Before you question me with a high pitched, “Say what?” allow me to explain.

Who Are You?

Difference makers are action takersDo you know who you are? Really. At a soul level, do you know who you are?

Not who people think you are. But, who YOU are.

Every difference maker I know takes action. But, that action comes from a deep sense of knowing who they are and who they were created to be.

Unfortunately, I know more people who are trying to be who someone else wants them to be, rather than being who they were created to be.

First, decide who you need to be. If you’re trying to become a difference maker, here are a few questions that might get you started:

  • What characteristics reflect who I need to be?
    • Do you need to be loving?
    • What about creative?
    • Or perhaps intentional?
  • What actions reflect who I need to be?
    • Do you need to be thoughtful or reflective?
    • Do you need to be collaborative?

I think you get the idea.

Answering the question, “who do I need to be?” is about characteristics that describe you. I encourage you to answer the question “why?” for each characteristic you identify. And, don’t let yourself fall into labels and roles.

For example, if you say I need to be a mom, a dad, a co-worker, a friend, a neighbor…what characteristics make that so? Because being a friend isn’t just a label on social media. To be a friend, you embody certain qualities. What are those qualities? Those qualities are who need to be.

What about doing?

Yes, this is the question we all want to jump to first. But, it can easily sidetrack us from accomplishing our goals.

I can hear you saying, “Wait. What?” “How does starting with getting things done sidetrack us?”

After all, in an achievement-driven culture, getting things done is a sign of progress, professionalism, and even success.

Here’s how: when we start with what we have to do, we are vulnerable to the circumstances around us.

For example, I need to eat healthy food and exercise today. That’s what I need to do. But, my calendar is filled with appointments, the phone rings with an urgent message, and the rain makes me want to curl up on the couch.

How likely am I do eat well and exercise today given those circumstances? Sheer determination only goes so far, friend.

Don’t Become Vulnerable to Circumstances

Difference makers aren’t driven by the circumstances. They create culture, they don’t respond to the circumstances a culture brings their way. Yes, difference makers get things done. But, it begins with understanding who they need to be.

Please don’t fall into the trap of placing doing before being. When you do, you’ll allow the circumstances around you to determine what you get done.

You are surrounded by circumstances. Every day, there are phone calls, social media messages, and emails. Then there’s the rain outside, the pounding headache you’re feeling, the tightness in your neck, the laundry piled on your bed.

You already know how easily each one of the above circumstances can derail you from being who you need to be, right?  Two seconds on social media can set you off for two days.

That’s why we start with being.

For example, today, it’s raining. If I decide I need to be healthy, then exercise is a part of my day. The rain will not deter me from taking a walk. I may decide to hop on the treadmill or walk the track inside, but the circumstances of the weather won’t stop me from being a healthy person so I can fully engage in life and work.

You are a Human Being

One final reminder.

May I remind you that you aren’t a human doing? You are a human being. That’s why “who you are” informs what you need to do.

Doing then leads to having what you desire. But, first, get clear on you.

Who are you?

Yes, begin with you. No, it’s not selfish. It’s a gift to the people around you. Because once you get clear on who you need to be, you’ll be intentional, consistent, and everyone around you can help you become the best version of yourself.

Decide who you need to be. Otherwise, getting things done will fall to the circumstances around you. We all know that brings nothin’ but excuses.

Who do you need to be, difference maker?

Get clear on that and you’ll know what action to take.

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