TGIF July 2019 Sara Thomas
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July 26, 2019 TGIF is a weekly practice where I ask myself four questions and invite you to do the same. Here are four questions that accompany TGIF:T: What am I trusting?G: For whom or what am I grateful?I: Whom or what is inspiring…
TGIF Sara Thomas coach
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TGIF Week 13 & 14

April 5, 2019 Earlier this year, as I began to embrace this journey of TGIF, I did not consider 52 weeks of blog posts, I considered 1 week. While I will continue to answer the questions below on Instagram every week, I will likely be posting…
While for many people TGIF has come to be a title of the chapter to enter the weekend, it's a reminder to me of all that has happened and all that I want to have happen in the week ahead. Join me on the TGIF journey. #tgif #goals #resolutions #sarathomas Sara Thomas
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TGIF Week 5

Sunday, February 3, 2019 Yes, I know what day it is. Sometimes snow, ice, fog, and a hectic schedule mean a Friday ritual gets moved to Sunday.It’s all good. I’m still doing it. When I do it isn’t as important as IF I do it. Yes,…
Dear One
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Dear One

I've been asked to write a letter to my younger self. So what would I tell you at 20 that I now know twenty (plus) years later?  Here goes nothing....Dear One,Live with hope. Life will not always be easy. But the future can always…
Dear One

Why Your Pastor is on Facebook

...and I hope you will be, too.When I walked into homeroom on my first day of high school, I sat down at a lab table and started talking to the stranger next to me.  Today, we’re still great friends even though we don’t see one another…
Dear One

i am awake

“i am awake” i am awake to the cry of the city i am awake to the needs of the poor i am awake to the call of God i am awake to the possibilities for transformation i am awake to the work of the Spirit i am awake to the joy of serving i am…