Sunday, February 3, 2019

Yes, I know what day it is. Sometimes snow, ice, fog, and a hectic schedule mean a Friday ritual gets moved to Sunday.

It’s all good. I’m still doing it. When I do it isn’t as important as IF I do it. Yes, that’s a reminder for you, too.

A Little Reminder

How often do you stop doing something because you miss a day? ”Well, that’s over,” you think to yourself. Only it’s not.

Maybe it was that New Year’s resolution to eat better, to work out, to make that simple green smoothie, to practice gratitude, to take 10k steps…whatever it is…just because you didn’t do it yesterday (or all of last week for that matter) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try today.

Got it? Yes, I’m asking myself AND you that question.

Trust. Gratitude. Inspiration. Faith. Here are four questions I'm exploring every week to stay focused on what matters the most. #trust #gratitude #inspiration #faith Sara Thomas


Now…back to my Friday ritual on Sunday. Here are the four questions I’m answering every week. I invite you to reflect on these questions, too.

❶ What am I TRUSTING?
❷ For whom or what am I GRATEFUL?
❸ What is INSPIRING me?
❹ How am I practicing FAITH?
I’d answer each of the above questions this week with a variation on “coach” and the church this week. Coaches. Coaching. Coaching Cohorts. Gallup learning series for certified coaches. Coaching clients…and the church. No, church, you’re not a late addition. You’re the context for coaching and leading.

Coaching is not all I do, but, it is a lot of what I do. Partnering with leaders to help them achieve their goals, advance their progress, navigate conflict, and hold true to their values is a gift.


❶ What am I trusting?

I’m trusting coaching and coaches to continue to challenge me to grow as a leader. The coaching journey is just that – a journey. For both the coach and the client. I was reminded this week how important trust is between the coach and the client.

I’m trusting this season of coaching to be not only fruitful but helpful.


❷ For whom or what am I grateful?

I’m grateful for the church and the coaching cohorts/clients I have the privilege to lead.
On Saturday of last week, it was a privilege to help lead a retreat for women. The content, dialogue, and relationships reminded me of what is special, unique, and beautiful about the church. Thank you, @jennlucas5


❸ What is INSPIRING me?

The women leaders I also call friends are inspiring me. The power of stories to shape lives is a gift. Stories move us to new places. The stories I hear shared from a platform and around a table are a respite from the soundbites and negativity around us.

I’m also inspired by the great teachers and leaders I experienced this week during the Gallup Learning Series for Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches. I celebrate the integration of ICF Core Competencies and Gallup’s team of knowledgable experts around CliftonStrengths. The learning reminded me why I am proud to have both certification from Gallup and credentialing from ICF.


❹ How am I practicing FAITH?

I’m practicing faith by investing in the people, process, and commitments of being a coach and being coachable. Yeah, we coaches need a coach too. And it’s all tied to faith for me!

So let me ask you one more question, are you coachable?


Here are a few CliftonStrengths resources I’ve found helpful in coaching leaders: