We’re heading to Liberia

  Tonight I’m heading to Liberia with a team of eight people.  We will spend time with people in Monrovia and Ganta.  Most importantly, we’re going to explore how we can partner with the hospital in Ganta, Liberia.

The country is still rebuilding after a fourteen year civil war.  In 2003, the rebels forced the hospital staff and community around Ganta to flee.  The hospital was destroyed and the buildings were looted.

The medical mission in the Ganta community began in 1926.  George Harley, a Yale trained medical doctor turned Methodist missionary, went with his wife, Winifred to Liberia. They went to Ganta desiring to know and understand the people, traditions, and culture of Liberia.  Their missionary work began as construction of 250 acre medical mission.  When they departed in 1960, nearly 40 years after arriving, numerous buildings, including a school, hospital, dorm and wood shop were a part of the mission alongside the hospital.

The ministry of George and Winifred Harley established a place where people could receive medical care.  Their work went on to impact generations.

The Civil War destroyed what the Harley’s spent years building.  Today, the hospital is trying to rebuild.

Today, our mission team sets out for Liberia to explore the ways we might partner in the restoration of a hospital that seeks to bring healing and hope to the people of Liberia.

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