Day 1

After a wonderful night’s rest last night and a great day today, my body is telling me it is somewhere between California and Monrovia, Liberia. It’s almost 3:00 am and I’m wide awake laying in bed reflecting the wonderful people we met today and the way the church is present in Liberia.

The battery on my phone will be depleted if I attempt to share all that we experienced today.

Here’s one of the familiar pictures of the day. The picture is a photo snapped from our van on the main road from the Episcopal residence to the conference office. This is in Monrovia. Only noticed one road sign today at one intersection in downtown. It was a stop sign. More on my thankfulness for our drivers another day. For now I’ll simply say its been wonderful to see the united methodist connection at work all around the world. There were connections to Troy, Michigan; columbus, Ohio, Baltimore, Maryland; north Carolina to the places we went today. Always amazed I can go half way around the world and find myself at home. Perhaps that’s one of the beautiful things about the united methodist church. More on that later, too!

Tomorrow (today, 2/21) we head to Ganta to the George Harley hospital. Pray we have eyes and ears to see where God is leading us in our partnership with the hospital.

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