It’s wednesday

For all the times I’ve served on mission experiences beyond my home city, Wednesday seems to be the day that tilts the whole week in a particular direction.

Today was no exception. As we unpacked the eight large suitcases of medical supplies (sutures, medication, gauze pads, surgical gloves, masks, gowns) the chief medical officer for the Ganta hospital came to get the two doctors with us. Dr. John Bossert ended up doing an appendectomy and Dr. Warren Webster spent his morning in the outpatient clinic. Karen Bossert, a nurse practitioner, connected with the nursing school and a missionary on assignment at the Ganta Hospital. It was wonderful to see how they were able to use their skills and gifts in another part of the world “doing the best with what they have” seems to be the over-riding sentiment. Seeing the doctors from our team tell their stories and then the surgeons, nurses and staff overjoyed with the medical supplies we brought made the whole trip. As we were finishing up dinner (we’ve eaten a little too well) the chief medical doctor, Dr. Willicor got called to surgery. It was about 8 pm; the need continues. We leave Ganta knowing God is in this place and discerning our part in it. Much still remains to be done. The need is great. There is a new hospital to build. That’s a story for the coming weeks.

The photo is of us unpacking the suitcases. They were so thankful to receive the medications they would not allow Tim to take the meds to the pharmacy.

Tomorrow we head back to Monrovia. Time for round 2 of Mario Cart-Liberia Edition. 🙂