I’m sitting on my couch, watching a Big 10 Basketball game.  I am staying warm and dry and away from the rain outside.  I could stay here.  I am comfortable. July 1, 2008 will bring many changes in my life as I head to Hyde Park Community for a new pastoral appointment.  I am excited.  I am sad.  I am thankful.  I’ve never done this before…said goodbye to a church family that has become part of my life.  We’ve lived on buses and 15 passenger vans together for weeks at a time.  We’ve stood together in hospital rooms and wondered out loud the question that takes us nowhere, “why?”  We’ve asked the question anyway.  For each and every moment we have shared, I am thankful.  The people of Mason will forever be a part of my soul. So I find myself somewhere between here and there.  Somewhere between Mason and Hyde Park.  Somewhere along the stretch of I-71.  Somewhere between comfort and uncertainty.  Somewhere between excitement and grief.  Somewhere between being known and the unknown.  Somewhere between a seven year journey and a new journey.  Somewhere between rhythm and rest.  Somewhere.Somewhere.Rich Mullins knew about this somewhere I talk about when he penned the lyrics to a song by the same name.  He was a singer and songwriter whose faith and deep committment to Christ was filled with the confidence faith brings.  He writes,Somewhere beyond these reasons and feelingsSomewhere beyond the passion and fatigueI know You’re there and that Your Spirit is leading meSomewhere beyond all thisThere is one thing I know about being somewhere…God is here.