How then shall we live?

As I walked through Target this morning, trying to find tea…an illusive item in the midst of beverage options in stores today…I passed a mother and her child.  The little girl, perhaps two years old was eyeing everything in sight.  Bright colors evoked in her the desire to hold everything, want everything.  Her mom, plainly spoken, yet firm said simply, “You can’t have everything you see.  You can’t have everything you want.  That’s not the way it works.”  So how does it work?What does it mean for us to live as Christians in the world?

  • informed theology
  • engaged in the world
  • reflective thought: breadth and depth
  • active response

The church is no longer a place to be taken for granted.  The church is no longer the place that you go simply because your parents did or did not take you there.   Coming from the community of the latter, I have established my thoughts and reflections of church as an adult.  I engage the world around me through an informed faith…a faith that does not stop at the sight of difficult and cringes when we do not look at the breadth and depth of faith interacting with the world.  I engage the world with a heart steeped deep in the grace of God; a grace that brought me into the church, called me to leadership, and guides me to challenge the status quo of religious gatherings.I am on the move.  We cannot stay the same people we were if we are faithful to the scripture that informs us, the traditions that root us, the experiences that affirm and challenge us, and reason that engages us.   The world needs us.The world needs you.Read.  Think.  Pray.  Live.  That four-fold movement of lectio divina can also be a way for us to live.  How then shall we live?