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Three Reasons You Need to Put Your Talents in Time Out

The very thing that makes you amazing, talented, and sets you apart as a leader is getting in your way. Before you say, "But, Sara, how can something you've taught me is good and right about me get in my way?"Hang with me, friend, I'm here…
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TGIF Week 13 & 14

April 5, 2019 Earlier this year, as I began to embrace this journey of TGIF, I did not consider 52 weeks of blog posts, I considered 1 week. While I will continue to answer the questions below on Instagram every week, I will likely be posting…
Sara Thomas You Are My Beloved
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You Are My Beloved

A Conversation with the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 1 Late Sunday night (early Monday morning) I woke up from a sound sleep to the thought, "Something is wrong. Really wrong." You know that heart racing, sit up in bed, startled from a sound sleep…
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Scripture, Service, and CelebrationFrom a summer ministry to my daily life as a pastor, I began to see a pattern. As I began my doctoral work, I came to recognize my life’s work is shaped by a simple rhythm of scripture, service, and…

Dust v. Snow

Ash Wednesday Today is the start of a new season in the Christian year. It is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Today, Christians all around the globe will gather for worship. Many will use ashes to make signs of the cross on their foreheads…
The Mess

The Mess

Kitchen Counters I'd love to tell you I am an amazing cook. I'm not. Not even close. But when it comes to the mess in the kitchen, I am 110% the source behind creating it. I made waffles for dinner and had half the batter on the counter and…


 I am not willing to let a day go by without getting something done. Yes, that's the "achiever" in me speaking. I call it being productive. Every day starts with zero. When I accomplish something it gets checked off my list (and if…


Day 1: Names & God Stories

First, a personal if a blog isn't one big personal note.Thanks for joining me on this adventure. When I earn my Doctor of Ministry degree it will be because of you sharing your stories and your faith. Thanks for being a part of the…

Why 50 days? Isn’t Lent 40 days?

Lent starts on Wednesday, March 5 and lasts 40 days. Why, then, is The Ultimate Adventure lasting 50 days?Good question!Short answer:Your participation is shaping this adventure and I hope people will participate during seasons…