While for many people TGIF has come to be a title of the chapter to enter the weekend, it's a reminder to me of all that has happened and all that I want to have happen in the week ahead. Join me on the TGIF journey. #tgif #goals #resolutions #sarathomas Sara Thomas
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TGIF Week 5

Sunday, February 3, 2019 Yes, I know what day it is. Sometimes snow, ice, fog, and a hectic schedule mean a Friday ritual gets moved to Sunday.It’s all good. I’m still doing it. When I do it isn’t as important as IF I do it. Yes,…
TGIF Sara Thomas
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TGIF Week 2

TGIF - On Saturday.But, this post isn't about Friday anyway. It's about the four questions I'm inviting you to reflect on each week:January 11, 2019 Trusting I'm TRUSTING that all the moving pieces of life will come together one…