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Want to Stick with Your 2019 Goals? Choose Hope.

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As the year came to a close, I found myself in my normal routine: looking back to look ahead. I set goals every year.  Noone tells me I have to, it’s just who I am. My goals are my way of continuing to grow.

And here’s my dirty little secret: I never accomplish all my goals for the year. Before you gasp, keep reading.

This isn’t about beating myself up for not achieving all seven six of my goals. It’s about looking back to look ahead. Really, it’s about hope.

hope goal settting sara thomas coachLooking Back to Look Ahead

I don’t expect I’ll accomplish all eight of my goals in 2019 either.

Before you shout, “Whaaaat?!”

Am I giving it a chance? Absolutely.

But I know I have a tendency to dream big. It’s what makes me, me.

I’ve also learned not to beat myself up when I review my goals at the end of the year. I know long before the last day of the year what is and what is not happening. Throughout the rest of this article, I’ll help you look back to look ahead, too. First by offering an example. Then, by posing a question for you to consider.

I ended the year with six goals. I accomplished four goals. So, here’s my assessment:

Thanks, 2018. Whatcha got, 2019?

Here’s why: A year ago, there were many things that didn’t exist in my world.

  • There wasn’t a podcast.
  • I didn’t have the ACC credential from ICF.
  • I wasn’t accepted into a Dare to Lead facilitator cohort for 2019.
  • We weren’t starting coaching cohorts, and
  • I didn’t have three more great nepha-nieces.  Ok,  they weren’t my goals and I had nothing to do with their presence in this world. BUT…these three munchkins didn’t exist in 2017 and, whew, that’s a lot of babies in one extended family. And, it’s a whole lot of love.
  • I celebrate each one of these new things.

TAKE ACTION: What do you celebrate from 2018?

Celebrations and Changes

Hear me clearly: I had plenty of things to do that brought meaning and purpose to my life before 2018 was ever on my calendar.

But, wow, 2018 was kind of crazy. Good, but, crazy. Somehow I stayed focused on what I wanted to contribute to this world. Here’s what I know:

  • I’m not a superhuman. (News flash: Neither are you.)
  • Sometimes new opportunities emerge and displace or replace a goal.
  • Life happens, so, I didn’t accomplish all of my goals.
  • I’m proud of what I accomplished in 2018.

And, no, those previous statements are not contradictions.

TAKE ACTION: What didn’t go well last year?


Of the four goals I achieved, the one I’m most proud of is launching our podcast.

Oh, it had its moments….moments I wanted to throw a computer out the window. Moments that I thought, “If I try one more mic I’m going to scream.” Moments that my college physics class couldn’t have known it was preparing me for, but it did. Oh, yes, there were moments. Moments I wanted to say, “Do we have to do this?”

But you know what?

There’s something about showing up every week. And there’s something about talking through big ideas with a colleague. There’s something about listening to yourself talk (…oh the things that come out of my mouth. Lord, help this tongue!)

Am I thankful for the editing process? You bet.

There’s something about watching an episode go live and thinking, “Hey, we did that!” “Look! We did it again!” It’s called LeaderCast. You can find all the ways to listen to it here. You can find episodes of LeaderCast here.

TAKE ACTION: What are you most proud of from 2018?


So how would I rate 2018? Did I fail? Did I succeed? What needs to change? These are common questions…and I do NOT answer the first two.

I do answer the question about change.


Because I choose hope.

What do I mean? Read Part 2. But first:

TAKE ACTION: What needs to change for 2019?

Now, Read part 2.