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Want to Stick with Your 2019 Goals? Part 3

Choose Hope. Part 3

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A Garbage Truck Moment

Sometimes a coach is able to coach herself. This is one of those moments. It starts with a confession.

Confession: I gave very little effort to one of my goals in 2018.

Why? I didn’t claim agency over it. As a result, I had very little hope around a project involving….wait for it…HOPE.

Oh the irony, right? So, at the end of the year, I sat down and asked, “Why?”

It boiled down to this: I was playing small. Not humble.


??‍♀️ Really?

After laughing at myself and recognizing the reason really wasn’t ability, capability, or capacity, I looked in the mirror and said, “Seriously? Why are you playing small around this. Give me a break.”

…and then I laughed some more.

And then I kicked that attitude to the curb. Specifically, I tossed it in the garbage.

I’m coming clean: I’m working on an online portal/group coaching experience to help you connect your strengths and disciple-making. My “playing small” attitude is waiting for the garbage truck to come by so I never see it again.

hope sara thomas coachThe Thief of Hope

Now, I know myself. I’ve also observed this in many other people. This won’t be a one and done adventure on claiming agency. You’ll find another way to pick up “an attitude.” She’ll be a twin that looks like what was tossed in the garbage.

Sometimes, though, this twin wears different disguises. She shows up as doubt, fear, or worry. This twin has you thinking thoughts of “not being good enough.”

To all of those look-alikes masquerading around as thieves of hope, we see you. We know won’t have to look too far for imposters. And you’re not getting the time of day from us. Remember, you were tossed to the curb.

Beware of the thief of hope that lurks around dumpsters and garbage trucks. She might try to bring garbage back into your life.

Take Action: What do you need to get rid of this year?

Agency, Authenticity, Friendship

Let me remind you, claiming agency is about being authentic. It’s believing in ourselves. Be clear, though, authenticity is tough when perfection is the standard. And underneath perfection, shame is lurking. Perfection and shame do not create an environment for authenticity. Instead, perfection and shame undermine authenticity.

If you want to claim agency and be an authentic leader, start by recognizing and claiming who God created you to be. When you claim who God created you to be, you can take a step toward your goal. As a coach, the leaders I work with can be paralyzed – unable to take action on a project. This is what happened to me with this goal. The source? Most often, it’s fear or paralysis by analysis.

That’s why authenticity is important. In a moment where I am striving to be my authentic self, I also need to be vulnerable. And, if we’re honest, vulnerability is tough.

Authenticity is also not bleeding all over the people around you. It is acknowledging when we’re stuck, inviting people to help us, and remembering we all hit road blocks. Remember, hope happens when we remain persistent, flexible and find alternate routes. That’s why we have friends, family, people who love us to call on and say, “I’m stuck. Can I run something by you?”

There are many pathways to your goals. The pathways will help you navigate around obstacles and stay persistent. Agency gives you the courage you need to keep going when life is kicking you in the rear end.

And that’s why I say, “If you want to stick with your goals this year, choose hope.” It’s filled with possibilities and endless choices.

You do remember, hope is a choice?

TAKE ACTION: What intentional choices will make this year?

Choices. Choices. And More Choices.

Whatever 2018 brought our way, it’s finished. I’m not rushing around anxiously trying to complete my other two goals from 2018. I am looking forward.

There’s a new pathway I see that has allowed me to claim agency toward the goal I didn’t accomplish. I take the year I teased at accomplishing that goal as a gift and I’m moving forward.

Because I’m choosing hope.

If you need me to say it I will: Whatever you poured into 2018, or didn’t pour into it…there is hope.

The calendar now says “January 2019.”

The hope cycle isn’t a direct path. The pathways will twist and turn and merge into a new road.

And that’s ok. I expect it.

You can too.

When the road dips or you hit debris in the path, even if you’re slowed to a stop…pause…then get up keep going. You’re demonstrating resilience. You’re persevering. You are an agent in your world. And that’s part of making hope happen.

I don’t know what 2018 was like for you, but I do know this, you have a choice for 2019.

I’m choosing hope. Will you?