I’m packed!

I can honestly say I’ve never been packed to go anywhere four or five days before we were leaving.  But, I finished packing last night.  On Saturday, a team of eight people are heading to Liberia.  I’m excited and humbled to be on the team.

I’m looking forward to being back in Africa. My last experience in Africa was in South Africa. Liberia is on the equator in Western Africa (take a look at the map).  This will be a different experience.  However, the words of the Bishop we spent our last days with in Johannesburg continue to ring in my ears, “Africa has a way of getting under your skin.”  Almost ten years later, I still remember him saying that to me.  He gave me words to express what I was feeling.

I’m looking forward to being with the people of Liberia.  For now, I’m packed.  So that means I have time to help all of you know know what’s happening so you might join us via technology for the journey.  We depart Saturday, February 17 in the late afternoon.  We arrive in Liberia after 4 pm on Sunday.  They’re 6 hours ahead of us, so it’s only (only!) a 14 hour flight.  We’ll be posting on Twitter and Facebook so you can keep up with the journey.

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