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The Retrospective Power of Context

retrospective power of context cliftonstrengths sara thomas coach

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and explore the retrospective power of CONTEXT.

It’s time to look back.

We all do it.

Probably every day.

You get in a car and use a rearview mirror to see what is behind you.

Individuals strong in the CONTEXT talent theme understand the present by researching the past.

?They value the retrospective.
?They need the relevant background for discussions.
?And, they remember important history…umm…without having to dig through the photo album or other records!

Building Trust with Context

So how does someone strong in CONTEXT build trust?
1️⃣Share relevant stories of your past.
2️⃣Encourage others to share their life events and milestones. Modeling vulnerability will build trust.
3️⃣Show that you value the stories others tell about their past.

retrospective power of context 2 cliftonstrengths sara thomasDefining Moments

So how about that walk down memory lane?

As for me…going to grad school for the first time. Umm, yeah, I’ve actually been to grad school three times.

I’m done collecting degrees.

I think.


My Defining Moments

That first time at grad school was to get a degree in higher education administration. I learned more about myself during this time than at any other time in my life.

It was a time to learn about human development, including my own. I took stock of the opportunities life presented to me, what privileges I had simply because of the parents who raised me, and the life I wanted to lead.

In graduate school, I also began to ask questions about faith. There were more questions than answers. But, I kept asking questions.

Along the way, I found great friends who were an encouragement and inspiration. They were consistently welcoming. They were faithful to the core. And they were real.

It’s been a winding road to get from there to here. But, they helped set me on a path to ministry. Administration and teaching remain two of my greatest joys. Perhaps that’s why I love sharing with you on my blog.

Defining Moments, Part 2

You may say, but, Sara, you’re now a coach?

True. I am.

But, I’m also still fully immersed in ministry. In fact, my coaching is focused in a ministry setting or working with small teams. The overlap is leadership. I dove into the deep end of leadership coaching because while it is easy to say, “we have a leadership crisis,” it is much more difficult to help leaders grow.

And, that dear ones, is what I see in my rear view mirror today.

Your Turn

How about you? What “defining moment” in your life story has brought you to where you are today? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Whether the CONTEXT talent theme is one of your dominant talents or not, let’s practice living with the CONTEXT theme today.

We all merge, pivot & move forward. But sometimes it’s helpful to stop & ask, “What got me here?”

Can you do that today? Take a few moments and reflect on the question, “What got me here?” If you want to up the anty, journal about it, comment below, share with a trusted friend, or your spouse.

And, the next time someone stops to ask, “what’s the history?” Remember, they make ask it in a million different ways, but, they likely simply want to hear from you, what’s in the rearview mirror or the archives that will help us understand what’s happening today.

That’s the retrospective power of CONTEXT.

What got you here? Yeah, I want to know. Let me know in the comments below.