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Claim Your Innate Talents

Femal Smiling Innate Talents

Your Talents x Investment = Strength

There is only one you. Your talents make you, YOU!

Whether you are frightened or thrilled by the above statement does not matter. Claim who you are and who you are created to be. Claim the good, the bad, and the ugly. But, please focus on the good. Once you know your talent, apply what is good to manage what may be your less desirable traits.

Knowing your talent(s) is a great first step in self-awareness.

Being and becoming more self-aware will help you lead yourself and others with grace, stamina, and humility. As you reflect on your talent(s), you might consider four aspects of talent: relationship building, execution (getting things done), influence, and thinking/planning/learning.

Invest in your talents

Your natural talent needs to be nurtured. Said another way, your talents multiplied by investment, over time become your strengths. If you want to become the “best you” it won’t happen by accident. You’ll need to nurture what you do well.

I’m watching Wimbledon Tennis at the moment. Professional athletes, of any kind, invest in their talents. But so do difference makers. They don’t get caught up in trying to be like someone else. Nor do they try to hone talents that are not theirs. Maybe you’re talented in influencing others by bringing people together around a cause. Nurture those unifying traits.

Just like a tennis player practices their serves, groundstrokes (forehand and backhand), volleys, and lobs, you need to practice the skills that make you uniquely talented. Tennis players practice different types of each one of their strokes as well. That’s because there are many ways to approach tennis strokes. You, too, will have different opportunities to learn and grow.

One additional note about investing in your talent(s).  You’ll also want other people on your talent team. Along with their Tennis Coach, professional tennis players often have fitness trainers, nutritionists, and physical therapists who help them be their best. Champions have natural talent. They become champions by investing in their talent with the help of their team.

Direct YOUR talents for good

Once you invest in developing your talents, you’ll want to direct your talent for good. For example, if you are talented at generating lots of ideas, how might this talent be helpful to others?

  • Are there challenges in the workflow at the office? Ask to be a part of crafting the options to find a solution.
  • Is your organization struggling to reach millennials? Offer to explore different approaches to reach millennials.
  • Does the local food bank need to consider different resourcing options? Offer to lead brainstorming sessions.
  • Is a friend stuck, lacking ideas for how to move forward with a new career? Make a list of things they do well and surprise them with a little reminder of their giftedness.
  • Do your ideas come with a spark of creativity? Draw, sing, doodle, mold, paint, and/or compose different versions of your idea.

Your ability to generate ideas is talent unique to you. Whatever talent you possess, let it come out to play. Allow your talents to encourage, bless, and guide others.

Summary Innate Talents

What are your innate talents? Once you’ve identified your talents, own them. Then, focus on developing your talents into strengths. You’ll begin the process of being known for what makes you amazing.

I’d love to hear from you: What is one talent you possess that you love? Comment below.

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4 replies
  1. Daron George
    Daron George says:

    I love this!!!!! “Your natural talent needs to be nurtured. Said another way, your talents multiplied by investment, over time become your strengths. If you want to become the “best you” it won’t happen by accident. You’ll need to nurture what you do well.” This statement also reminds me of Matthew 25:14–30, it is our responsibility as Christians to invest in our talents.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Sara Thomas
      Sara Thomas says:

      Daron, Love the connection you made with Matthew 25:14-30. None of our talents are accidents. It’s how God has created us. What a privilege it is to invest in what we’ve been given. Blessings to you as you nurture who God has created you to be!

        • Sara Thomas
          Sara Thomas says:

          Vebs, thanks for your kind words. Grace, so undeserved and unmerited, yet so needed to remind us we are beloved!

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