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TGIF Week 9

March 1, 2019TGIF Every week, I'm answering four questions. Some weeks, these questions are easier to answer than others. Here are the questions: ❶ What am I TRUSTING? ❷ For whom or what am I GRATEFUL? ❸ What is INSPIRING me? ❹…
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TGIF Week 8

February 22, 2019TGIF! What. A. Week. This week, I celebrated a birthday and to say I the people in my life are amazing sounds cliche, but it is true. Thank you for being a part of my life, my world, my every day. You make life worth living!Every…
Sometimes things aren't quite what they appear. Sometimes TGIF isn't about Friday at all. Sometimes TGIF is about trust, gratitude, inspiration, and faith. Here are four questions I'm exploring every week. #trust #gratitude #inspiration #faith #tgif Sara Thomas CliftonStrengths Coach
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TGIF Week 6 & 7

February 8 & 15 You're getting a two for one deal this week! If you haven't picked up on it by now, rituals and routines happen in my way and on my time.I posted on Instagram last week, never posted here. That's just the way life rolls…
While for many people TGIF has come to be a title of the chapter to enter the weekend, it's a reminder to me of all that has happened and all that I want to have happen in the week ahead. Join me on the TGIF journey. #tgif #goals #resolutions #sarathomas Sara Thomas
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TGIF Week 5

Sunday, February 3, 2019 Yes, I know what day it is. Sometimes snow, ice, fog, and a hectic schedule mean a Friday ritual gets moved to Sunday.It’s all good. I’m still doing it. When I do it isn’t as important as IF I do it. Yes,…
TGIF Sara Thomas
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TGIF Week 3

Week 3 January 17, 2019 It's Friday! If this is your first Friday with me since the new year, let me introduce you to the four questions that are guiding me in reflecting on what happened this week.❶ What am I TRUSTING? ❷ For whom…
TGIF Sara Thomas
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TGIF Week 2

TGIF - On Saturday.But, this post isn't about Friday anyway. It's about the four questions I'm inviting you to reflect on each week:January 11, 2019 Trusting I'm TRUSTING that all the moving pieces of life will come together one…
awaken faithfulness sara thomas

Awaken Faithfulness

What did you do today? If your day is just beginning, what's on your calendar for today?Guess what? Whatever consumed your day - there is an opportunity to be faithful right in front of you.In each of our interactions and commitments,…