February 22, 2019


What. A. Week. This week, I celebrated a birthday and to say I the people in my life are amazing sounds cliche, but it is true. Thank you for being a part of my life, my world, my every day. You make life worth living!

Every week, I’m answering these questions:
❶ What am I TRUSTING?
❷ For whom or what am I GRATEFUL?
❸ What is INSPIRING me?
❹ How am I practicing FAITH?

I invite you to answer the above questions as well. As I was coaching this week, over and over again I found myself being reminded of the power of reflection. If you want something to change in your life, take 10-15 minutes every day and simply ask yourself the above questions. Or ask one a day.

Here’s my point. Pause. Reflect. Consider your intentions and what was meaningful from the day. Then, choose to BE intentional today. Perhaps the intentionality will come from adding 15 minutes of whitespace in your days. Keep reading to learn more.

Answer four questions: ❶ What am I TRUSTING? ❷ For whom or what am I GRATEFUL? ❸ What is INSPIRING me? ❹ How am I practicing FAITH? #faith #reflection #tgif #trust #gratitude #inspiration #sarathomas Sara Thomas Coach

Here’s TGIF, Week 8…


❶ What am I trusting?

One step, one action, one person at a time. I’m trusting all the small steps lead to me a little farther down the road to my goals. There are lots and lots of small steps right now!


❷ For whom or what am I grateful?

Oh my. I’m filled to overflowing with gratitude this week for all the wonderful people in my life. I celebrated a birthday this week and the beautiful notes, messages, calls, cards, pictures, and time together reminded me of how many wonderful, amazing, awesome people I have in my life.

I’ve said it once, but it deserves repeating. Thank you for being a part of my life. The people I know and have the privilege to call friends, family, colleagues, and even acquaintances make my life a joy. Thanks for keeping my tiny corner of the world on its toes! I appreciate you more than words can express.


❸ What is INSPIRING me?

The Calendar. How can a calendar inspire me?
Another year, another day, another moment…what a gift! Here’s the thing I want to get better at in the next year: whitespace. The space in my day that allows for room to breathe, be creative, reflect, and imagine what could be.

Fifteen minutes of whitespace in my morning and evening is making all the difference for me. I already try not to stack meetings on top of each other, giving myself a buffer to take longer if needed.

Maybe you’ll need more or less whitespace. For many of us, there is no whitespace and it’s impacting our health. Where can you add 15 minutes of whitespace to your daily routine?

Everybody needs whitespace. That includes you. Whitespace gives us the opportunity to be creative, the space to breathe, reflect, and live with a little more spontaneity. What are you doing about whitespace? #tgif #whitespace #calendar #creativity #reflection Sara Thomas


❹ How am I practicing FAITH?

While this is intended to look back a week, I’m looking back and looking ahead while I practice faith. This weekend, a special called session of General Conference for the United Methodist Church will take place. The anxiety I hear from colleagues is palpable.

For over three years, I have made a conscious choice not to get sucked into the vortex of anxiety, fear, division, and finger-pointing.

Instead, I choose faith.

I continue to hold the church in prayer.

Hear me. I am not talking about the institution. I am praying for the body of Christ, the community of people who seek to follow Jesus and lead a movement for this day. Something tells me, I’ll have to be even more intentional come this time next week.

It’s also a reminder to you. Each one of us has a choice. Decide today where you’ll spend the resources you have (mental, spiritual, physical, financial, etc).

…and while you’re at it, don’t be a donkey.

What’s your TGIF? Let me know in the comments below.