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TGIF: Dare to Lead – Week 25

Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator Sara Thomas

When I began TGIF in January, I couldn’t for the life of me remember where it came from.

About a month ago, I realized it was Brené Brown…because she started posting it on social media again.

I spent three days training to become a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator with Brené Brown. To say it was a privilege to be in the room with 99 other leaders from across the world being trained by Brene´ in her work is an understatement.

So, there probably aren’t many surprises in this TGIF!

Dare to Lead: Brave Leaders and Courageous Cultures


That when you have the courage to lead, you’re going to fall. But the real courage comes in learning to rise. I’m trusting this season is a season that many of the pastors and leaders I work with are going to learn to rise…and may not even know it yet.


For Tim Bias creating the space for me to do this work with Brene´ Brown. It’s going to take me some time to process the buckets of gratitude I have for this opportunity and the excitement I have to share Dare to Lead with all of you. I’m also grateful for the people from Arizona, Argentina, Minneapolis, Texas, South Africa and Maryland that were a part of this journey with me.


By the BBEARG team (Brene Brown Education and Research Group). Authenticity, love, respect, care and laughter surrounded this amazing group of people who made this week happen…with no BS.


I sat in a room with 99 other leaders. While there were other people of faith, I was the only pastor. And it was a privilege. Because every time I said to someone that I was a pastor who coached pastors, the response I got was, “Oh gosh, that is so needed.” The conversations I had about faith with people who have no church home or faith background were a blessing. The honesty and curiosity I heard reminded me we are wired for connection with the holy. We just might not have words for it. All that to say, when was the last time you sat with folks who were not already a part of the church? It’s time to practice our faith.

Dare to Lead Facilitator Sara Thomas

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