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Trust and the Executing Talent Themes

trust & the executing talent themes sara thomas cliftonStrengths

Have you ever considered that different people may approach building trust in different ways? Here are the nine we’ll explore in this post over the coming days. If you want a jump-start strengths-based development, go ahead and get your guide.

As I often say, the phrase “you have talent” is boring! You have superpowers. Let’s dive into the nine executing talent themes that help you get things done:

  • Achiever
  • Arranger
  • Belief
  • Consistency
  • Deliberative
  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Responsibility
  • Restorative

Executing Domain

Do you have routines at home and work help you get things done?

Today we jump into the talent themes in the EXECUTING DOMAIN to explore HOW people with these talents build TRUST.

Hang on.


There are 34 TALENT THEMES with CliftonStrengths. Each one was identified by studying what makes people successful.

There are 4 DOMAINS. The domains help us explore HOW you contribute to a team or group.

Today, we’re starting to look at the EXECUTING DOMAIN. People with talent themes in this domain know how to make things happen.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll look at nine beautiful talent themes build trust. In the meantime, put the excuses aside and start this week off right: go get ‘er done!

Right after you tell me in the comments, how do YOU get things done?


Achiever CliftonStrengths Sara ThomasCan I explain why I spend hours preparing, sharing, and coaching clients with CliftonStrengths?

Because I love watching people become the best version of themselves. Today I love it even more because we’re kicking off an exploration of TRUST for each of the themes. (And it just so happens we’re starting with my number 2 – eek!)

To those of you who lead with the Achiever talent theme…
✔️I love watching you “get off your butt” and get things done.
✔️Seeing you develop this superpower by using it at home, work, and yes, even when you play brings me joy.
✔️I love seeing you appreciate this talent that shows up so often with others that we just might miss it.

So what about BUILDING TRUST?

Today, from one person with Achiever to another, let’s work hard together. Let’s do what we say we’ll do. Let’s keep our work ethic as a mark of who we are AND who we are becoming. Together, these actions will inspire trust and respect.

If you didn’t pick it up, I ❤️CliftonStrengths. I love how it frees people to become more of who you were created to be…and I love watching you grow!


consistency strengths sara thomasTrue story: Whether it’s furniture, cookies on a plate, or clothes in a suitcase, I’ll rearrange them until the items are situated in the best possible way.

For those of you with ARRANGER in your dominant talents, you can use this talent in MUCH more productive ways to build trust.

Yeah, I know, you already knew that.?

Because ARRANGER is all about arranging people, things, ideas for maximum productivity.

Here are three ways you can build trust with the Arranger talent theme:

1️⃣Be transparent about new plans and systems. And, yes, that applies to the furniture in the great room, too.
2️⃣Share your thinking. This will help others follow your reasoning instead of thinking you’re just coming up with “one more plan”
3️⃣Ask your co-workers and direct reports to share their thinking. This will help build mutual respect and trust.

Ok, all of you with ARRANGER, what do you arrange more than anything else to maximize productivity? people? ideas? information? (….the placement of the box on the image you’re posting on Instagram? LOL, oh, that was me. ??‍♀️As Momma always said, “Do as I say, not as I do. Nothing productive about that. Or, just consider it a bonus example of an undeveloped talent!).


Belief Executing Theme Sara ThomasHere’s a question for you: What 3 things do you value? Take stock. Right. This. Second.

I’ve asked you to consider your values because today we’re looking at BELIEF. People talented in the BELIEF theme have certain core values that are unchanging.


How can the BELIEF talent theme BUILD TRUST?

1️⃣Be a servant leader. Help your team get involved in doing something together. Don’t just do something. Help another person or a group of people. You’ll have an opportunity to share your BELIEF talent with others.
2️⃣Setup clear expectations of behavior. Share your expectations with others. Your clarity will help prevent misunderstanding and… you guessed it…build trust.

What do I value? integrity, faithfulness, commitments (?…I think I just said the same value three different ways!)

So…tell me, what three things do you value?


consistency strengths sara thomasAre you a rule breaker or a rule keeper?

Ok, maybe that’s too broad of a question to answer. Here’s the scenario: You’ve made a commitment to meet a friend for lunch on the third Friday of every month. Today is that day.

What do you pack in the picnic basked for lunch?

It’s likely the same thing you’d pack to meet any friend for lunch…or maybe what s/he has when you meet for lunch every month. This could be the case if you’re talented in the consistency theme.

People talented in the consistency theme try to treat everyone the same. They set up clear rules and stick with them.

You can build trust by:

1️⃣Following the rules of your organization. You’ll help set the tone and encourage others to do the same.

2️⃣Live by the same standards as everyone else – regardless of your position.

Your turn: are you a rule breaker or a rule keeper?

Confession: The first rule I thought of, I break a little too often. Speed limits ?


deliberative executing theme trust sara thomasWhen a coaching client intentionally focuses on developing a talent into a strength, I can’t help but smile.

And while I love every talent theme, what I love about spotting the DELIBERATIVE talent in action is it kind of like looking for a unicorn.?

Perhaps I say that because it seems less common for people to put care into decision making. (umm, social media doesn’t help, does it?!) People strong in the DELIBERATIVE talent share thoughtful decision-making. They use this talent to get things done.

Thoughtful and vigilant, they anticipate risks. I want to see more of this beautiful unicorn, erh, DELIBERATIVE talent used to build trust! Here are a couple reminders that can help:

1️⃣This talent theme will be cautious and considerate, especially when it is a sensitive topic.
2️⃣You’ll also build trust by asking for time to think before making a decision.

As you continue to focus on doing things right AND doing the right things, you will deepen trust with those around you.

And you just might reveal that ???aren’t that rare after all.


discipline cliftonstrengths sara thomas

Discipline. Routine. Structure.

I love the everyday structure and routine that helps people strong in the DISCIPLINE talent theme get things done.

From a calendar of daily events to quarterly and annual goals, the planning, someone with the DISCIPLINE brings order to chaos.

Do you have a morning routine? A start-up or shut-down routine at work? Those with DISCIPLINE seek to create order.

This strength builds trust through your structure and routines.
You also build trust because people see their expectations being met over and over again.


focus executing talent cliftonstrengths coach sara thomasOk, Harry Potter fans…this one is for you. Whether you’ve read the books or watched the movies, you know the epic battle that existed between good/evil; light/darkness; Harry/Voldemort.
Harry’s ability to choose the light, makes me want to celebrate all my friends with the FOCUS theme.

And while Harry Potter is a fictional character, there are plenty of people I know who are strong in the FOCUS theme know how to take direction and how to prioritize and then act.

As a leader, this talent theme can help you build trust…
1️⃣ Through your ability to know what is important and by keeping your attention where it matters. Both of these help people trust you…and your judgment.
2️⃣Reminding others that people are responsible for their own choices and decisions. As you show people you respect their choices, trust increases.

So what choice will you make today…it’s a very important question ?Who is your favorite Harry Potter character? Why?

As I celebrate the FOCUS theme today, I’m choosing…


responsibility executing talent cliftonstrengths coach sara thomasAwareness. Appreciation. Application.

That’s the journey I take people on with CliftonStrengths. I know you’re counting on me to help you leverage your strengths as a leader. You become the person you were created to be when you claim your strengths and use them.

For someone strong in the RESPONSIBILITY theme, you’ll take psychological ownership of what you say you’ll do.
As you lead with your strengths, you make my role as a coach look easy-peasy! Why’s that so?
Because your stable values often bring about trust. You follow through on what you say you’ll do. You own current reality like a boss.
So when I ask you what’s your next step, people strong in the RESPONSIBILITY theme often name what they’re thinking, claim it, and do it. As a result, your team finds it easy to trust you. And I find you a joy to coach.
Who is counting on you today to do and be your best?



restorative executing talent cliftonstrengths coach sara thomasHey there trouble-shooter, problem solver, quick-fixer. I see you.

Give a person who leads with RESTORATIVE a problem and they’ll identify what’s wrong and resolve it. This strength helps you get things done.

You build trust because you’re not intimidated by pain points or dysfunction in groups/teams (not that you’d ever be a part of a dysfunctional team ?)

You build trust because you bring courage to groups facing problems and difficult situations. You don’t shy away. Instead, you bring order from chaos.

You build trust by reinstating “normalcy”

Finally, you can build trust by facing “impossible situations” with creativity. As a result, others come to rely on you. that is, they trust you because they know you’ll tackle the tough jobs.

Next Steps

Well, that’s what I call get ‘er done. Wow. The ability of these talent themes to move things to action and accomplish goals is truly a demonstration of superpowers.

These talents show up on the teams you lead. As you lead others, they will need to know, own, and utilize their dominant talents to get their work completed. The more you help lead your team to use their strengths, the more valued and engaged they will be.

As a coach, I help individuals and teams leverage their dominant talents. I come alongside you as the leader to shine a light on what makes you amazing so you can use the talents of your team to accomplish your goals. It’s both a privilege and a responsibility to be a coach.

If you’re new to strengths, grab this guide to begin the journey of unlocking your superpowers. Yeah, that’s what I call your talent themes. Saying you have talent is just boring! You have superpowers. Get your guide. Together, we’ll accomplish great things!