January 25, 2019

Progress Over Perfection

Hello, Friday. You came and went like the blink of an eye. And it’s now Monday.

Sometimes life happens that way.

When I started this TGIF journey at the beginning of the year, I knew there would be weeks that Friday would be crazy. I didn’t want this to be a burden. Nor did I want it to be a place where I beat myself up when Friday came and went and I only posted on social media. Here’s the thing: I’m choosing progress over perfection.

If that sounds cliche, stick with me for a minute.

I could respond to only posting my TGIF on Instagram and not here on the blog in many different ways. Here are a few:

  • Skip this week because I didn’t post on Friday
  • Beat myself up.
  • Do nothing.
  • Post when I’m finally able to sit down and write.
  • Say, “I quit.”
  • Take imperfect action.

I’m choosing imperfect action.

Get moving. Whether it's a baby step toward a goal or 500 literal steps toward 5000 step goal. Get going. Choose imperfect action over NO action. Choose to get going versus beating yourself up. In other words, move. Learn more on the blog. #goals #tgif #sarathomas #imperfect Sara Thomas

My fellow leaders, take note. Sometimes the imperfect action is the best action. Want to know why? It’s action. When you’re in motion, there is momentum.

What goal have you already abandoned because you missed a day, a week, a workout? Get back on the bike and keep going. The journey isn’t finished yet.

Anyone else need this reminder? It's about progress, not about perfection. Here's one way to use this cliche to meet your goals. #goals #progress #perfection #tgif #sarathomas Sara Thomas CoachTGIF

Now, to the Friday installment (on Monday) of TGIF. Since the new year, there are four questions that are guiding me to reflect on my week.

I offer them here to help you keep moving forward. We often lose sight of our goals because we don’t know where we’re heading or we forget what we’ve accomplished. Let’s take imperfect action. Maybe you won’t blog your responses every week. Maybe you’ll send a text to a trusted friend. Or, maybe you’ll journal. Maybe you’ll join me on Instagram. However you pause to reflect, just do it.

❶ What am I TRUSTING?
❷ For whom or what am I GRATEFUL?
❸ What is INSPIRING me?
❹ How am I practicing FAITH?

Yes, TGIF takes on a whole new meaning with me.


❶ What am I TRUSTING?

I’m trusting the journey. Wholehearted living is a journey. Whether we’re striving for health and wellness, to meet a new epic goal at work, or simply looking for balance, it’s all a journey. As I think about this last week, from little ones in our family on a journey with their health to the journey I’m on coaching pastors and leaders, I’m trusting the journey.


❷ For whom or what am I GRATEFUL?
I’m grateful for people who recognize what I do. Last week, I had an unexpected note from someone on social media. She simply gave me a shoutout for offering personal insights on self-awareness and leadership. Wow.

Here’s the lesson: everyone likes to be recognized. It doesn’t have to be monumental and you don’t need to make it more than it is. A short note on messenger can make a difference to someone. When you notice something, say it.

When we're working toward a goal or just navigating every day, ordinary life, we need to remember to keep taking one step after another. Even when we get stuck. Especially when we get stuck. #keepgoing #encouragement #sarathomas Sara ThomasInspiration

❸ What is INSPIRING me? You mean, WHO is INSPIRING me? That’s the question I’m answering this week. Stories.

[amazon_link asins=’0525537449′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’awathecit-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f3c3dd79-b709-4fb5-922c-9786774619ac’] Is that too vague for you? Well, here’s what I mean. We all have stories. We think our stories don’t matter. But stories help us connect with one another. Stories start all the good chemicals in our brains that help us connect with one another. Stories of people on a journey who encounter an obstacle and meet up with someone who helps them navigate a way forward. No, you don’t have to be Gandolf or a Jedi Warrior. You simply need to lead. What story is inspiring you right now?

Here’s one that’s inspiring me. And if you’ve never read Ann Lamott, buckle your seatbelt because you’ll be chasing squirrels with this one.


❹ How am I practicing FAITH?

100 Days to Brave. Day 1-3.

So, I’ve been inconsistently consistent with 100 Days to Brave. But, I’m sticking with it. The nuggets of truth are just that, nuggets. It’s reminding me who and whose I am. That’s always a good thing.

Additionally, we started 31 days of prayer on Sunday, so we were prepping for that. 31 posts, recordings, social media, oh my! It requires practicing faith to get it all out there. Somehow when it is all about prayer, you’re reminded of what is important and how it’s prayer multiplied in the preparation, design and sharing of it all.

And maybe that’s why this is TGIF on Monday. 100 days to brave, 31 days of prayer. How about picking one? Oh well. Such is my life. Perhaps it’s yours too.


Another week, another gift. The banner hanging over this week is “progress over perfection.” Thanks for being a part of the journey. Thanks for writing another chapter in what is possible.

As always, I’d love to hear how you’d respond to the four questions. Until Friday, may you remember: TGIF.