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Arranger Thrives in the Midst of Change

arranger sara thomas

What do you organize? Food, plans, people? Unicorns? ….

Ok, maybe you don’t organize unicorns.

Are you flexible and collaborative? Do you take a changeable approach to accomplishing a task?

Highlighting the Arranger Talent

Do you know someone who makes an event, meeting, or meal come together for the best possible outcome? They get things done by orchestrating and facilitating the work of others.

They may have the Arranger talent.

Whether they’re organizing people, money, processes, food, or the ER, individuals with the Arranger talent have a “natural ability to orchestrate people and resources for maximum effectiveness.”

This talent oozes organizational flexibility. They coordinate, orchestrate, and juggle. People with the Arranger talent thrive in a dynamic environment. They can use their talent with people and with things.

And, remember, they enjoy figuring out how all the pieces come together. No, not just to say “it came together.” They enjoy the challenge of orchestrating the pieces to facilitate maximum effectiveness.

Words that Describe the Arranger Talent


These are all words that can describe someone with the Arranger talent.

Sometimes the Arranger talent can appear as the master juggler. People can wonder “how do you get so many things done?” The reality is their flexibility and adaptability is what moves them forward.

Don’t let their ability to juggle lots of things confuse you into thinking they aren’t productive. Oh, at their best, they are VERY productive. Most often, their productivity happens through other people. They help the right people connect with the right task for the project.

Where Could Someone with Arranger Talent Thrive?

Empower them to lead change and manage complex projects. You’ll frustrate someone with this talent with too much structure and rigidity.

They’ll thrive in a dynamic environment as they’re given the opportunity to flex their intuitive sense of collaboration.

Arranger at Work

arranger sara thomasArranger comes in at #8 for me. It is one of my Dominant Talents. If I’m honest, Strategic, Maximizer, Achiever, and Arranger set me up to be a maniac at managing chaos and getting things done.

For several summers, I was responsible for overseeing a summer ministry. It involved teams serving in ministry settings across the city of Cincinnati. At any one time, I had 5-6 college interns leading teams of 5-12 people across the city. There could be 50-60 people with us on any given week.

Every day, each team had to have a place to serve. The service needed to be relational. It also needed to be appropriate for the age level and abilities of the group. As you can imagine, being someone who leads with Strategic, I always had a plan.

But I recognized my Arranger talent(#8 for me), was on overdrive much of the time. I could be flexible and easily move one group to another location. Throw in communicating with the organization, no problem. I was back to whatever the other tasks at hand in no time.

I remember on more than one occasion telling teams, “we need you to be flexible and adaptable.” Things are likely to change.

Scouting Talents

I recognized this was a talent when I made a few adults and interns crazy with the changes. Hear me, these were NOT changes for change sake (that’s never ok!). This was because there was a change at the ministry site, a change of an adult leader, car trouble, power outages, emerging needs, surprise delivery of goods, etc.

Looking back, I can see how this dynamic environment fueled me, energized me, and allowed me to offer my best self to others. I also see now, with MUCH greater clarity, how I could have helped those less comfortable with change.

They needed to hear from me, with great clarity, “here’s what will not change.” Every day, our Bible Study and prayer time, our meals, and worship were consistent elements for every team.

Your Turn

Anyone with the Arranger talent come to mind from your corner of the world? When were they at their best?