The Uncompromising Core Values of Belief

uncompromising core values sara thomas

What are your uncompromising core values?

That’s a big question, isn’t it?

It’s a question that doesn’t seem so big for someone with the BELIEF talent. That’s part of the genius of the BELIEF talent. If you want to know more about your talents, take the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment.

Background on the Belief Talent

  • People exceptionally talented in the Belief theme have certain core values that are unchanging. Out of these values emerges a defined purpose for their lives.
  • Values and passion bring clarity and action to people who are dominant in the BELIEF talent.
  • The BELIEF talent falls in the executing domain. In other words, your passions and core values help you get things done.
  • When work is tied to your values, you’ll have an opportunity to bring the organizational values to life.
  • You bring energy to things that further your values. Find ways to share what you value with others at work and in daily life.
  • This talent has an altruistic element.
CliftonStrengths Belief Unchanging Core Values

Cautions about the Belief Talent Theme

CAUTION #1: The BELIEF talent is not always about faith. After all, this Jesus follower doesn’t have belief in her top 10 ?.

Does that mean I don’t have things I believe in and/or core values?

Absolutely not.

It is simply not one of my dominant themes. Full disclosure: BELIEF falls at number 13 out of 34 talents for me, placing it in the middle of my Full 34 CliftonStrengths. Basically, that means I can access it when needed.

CAUTION #2: People strong in BELIEF will appreciate you when you understand and respect what they value. Don’t think you need to share their belief system. Remember, this talent falls in the Executing Domain. The talents in the Executing Domain answer the question, “How do you make things happen?”

It’s likely their motivation for work will not be monetary or even professional advancement. Their desire is likely to see lives changed. Or, they may be advocating for a cause that gives their life meaning and purpose.

Celebrating BELIEF

Today, I celebrate the people I know and coach who are clear about their values. I celebrate you because you don’t flinch at phrases like, “uncompromising core values.” Instead, you come to life.

I’ve heard a couple people describe this talent as their moral compass. Another I know calls BELIEF her foundational principles for life. While expressed differently, both lead to action.

Your values motivate, encourage, and inspire others. It’s a joy to witness. I celebrate how what you value helps you accomplish beautiful, wonderful things.

The alignment between WHAT you value, WHO you are, and WHAT you do is crystal clear. WHY? BELIEF is filled with passion and purpose, values and conviction.

I celebrate that BELIEF helps you get things done.

It bears repeating…

Even if you don’t have BELIEF as a dominant talent, it doesn’t mean you don’t have values. It simply means you have other dominant talents. Got it? OK, good.

Take the Next Step

What do you value?

  • Whether this talent theme is dominant for you or not, it is helpful to know what you value and how your talents can help you claim what you value.

What CliftonStrengths are you working to develop to help you focus on your values?

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Shine on,

sara thomas